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#blogydydd 5: y berllan

Wax, Straws and Gum,
Silks, Gems, and Gold, the total sum
Of rich materials she disposed
In dainty order, and composed
Pictures of men, birds, beasts, and flowers,
When leisure served at idle hours.
All this so rarely to the Life,
As if there were a kind of strife,
‘Twixt Art and Nature: Trees of fruits
With leaves, boughs, branches, body, roots,
She made to grow in Winter time,
Ripe to the eye, easy to climb.

John Bathchiler – “The Virgin’s Pattern” – marwnad Susanna Perwich (m. 1661)

Gardd Eden, Lloegr, 1500au hwyr (h) Met Museum

Gardd Eden, Lloegr, 1500au hwyr (h) Met Museum

Dw i wedi bod yn casglu delweddau wedi’u hysbrydoli gan y bennill uchod ar fy mhinterest. Cer i sbecian!