“It’s not for everyone – sometimes I have to squeeze through narrow tunnels and it can be hot and uncomfortable. But I love it down there – I often mine on my own, it is peaceful and I lose track time.”

“I was born here, I’ve worked for years in the mine and I’m over 21 – the only problem is that I’m not a man. But the world has changed a bit since 1838 so I thought I would be entitled under the Equal Opportunities Act. They turned me down at first but I was not prepared to give in without a fight.”

“When they phoned me to say I’d finally been accepted I was ecstatic. I’ve been mining for so long and now I have a title which befits the job”

“Elaine has been registered but it is fair to say that there is significant disquiet among the freeminers. The feedback I’ve had is that a number of people are not happy with this.” Linc i’r erthygl gyfan (pdf)

[sylw: 1. fy fideo cynta! iei a sori am y camgymz. 2. wnes i ddewis fy enw youtube ar frys rywbryd a nawr alla i ddim ei newid. ON oes rhywun yn gwbod sut i neud fersiwn wedi’i sbîdio fyny?] [3. wrth geisio adolygu teipo yn y 2 eiliad gynta, mi racsais y fersiwn gynta! Heddwch i’w lwch, roedd o tua 4.3 eiliad yn well na’r un yma. Mae’n fore llun felly dwi am faddau 4.3 eiliad.]